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We give you hands-on support to get the most out of your online experience — whether you need a static brochure site, a complex database-driven e-commerce or portal site, streaming media hosting or full-scale co-location with our Managed Services feature. The choice is yours. Our menu of add-on features gives you flexible, scalable, cost-effective options so you get what you need ... without paying for what you don’t.
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E-File Storage

Is your business reliant on your electronic files? Do you worry about security, access and emergency recovery? We understand the growing technology needs of businesses and the restraints on budgets. Maintaining technology can require technical staffing and expensive hardware. PowerUser can eliminate this burdensome overhead.

At PowerUser, we offer an easy economical solution. We store your files on our professionally maintained servers, secure and easy for you to access. We setup your access directly on your computer and maintain security protocols. It’s just like accessing your “my documents” folder, but without the worry or running out of disk space or losing your vital documents. It’s the smart choice for the economical business.

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Hosted Exchange


Centralized Email
Intelligent Mail Filter
Antivirus Protection
Outlook Web Access (OWA).
Outlook Mobile Access (OMA).
Secure Connection

Synchronize your email on your desktop, laptop, internet, and mobile devices. We will scan your email for viruses and remove the most obvious spam messages. If you travel or work offsite you can liberate yourself from your laptop. Access every folder of your email, your contacts, and documents from any computer.


Public Folder
Global Address Book
Distribution Groups
Shared Calendars
Task Management

Centralize documents, contacts, and tasks so that everyone has the most current information available anywhere. Keep track of your latest documents by storing and modifying them in a shared space. Check availability when creating meetings. Manage and monitor the status on projects by assigning tasks.



Hardware Costs
Licensing Costs
IT Staffing
Security Concerns

The initial hardware costs of typical exchange
implementation can be overwhelming, but not with PowerUser Hosted Exchange. Let us take on the tasks of securing and hosting your email, licensing your mailboxes, supporting and buying the hardware, and maintaining backups – for a fraction of the cost.

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Web Hosting

Our safe, reliable servers offer easy access to maintain your hosting needs. With 24 hour access to vital web statistics, web mail and file storage you can post your website with ease and view your detailed online marketing results. For your security, our servers are regularly backed up for quick file recovery. Friendly customer support will help guide you through the process with a personal PowerUser touch. Advertise your business, share family photos, or just be creative - we can make your ideas come to life! To jump start your web business, view the hosting packages and sign up today.

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Worried about your server being subject to over-heating, or power failure over the night or weekend?  We can help by providing a controlled and secure environment for your equipment. PowerUser provides a climate controlled facility and network, as well as power redundancy for high maintenance servers. Your server is monitored and maintained by our Cisco certified network engineers for optimal performance and safety.

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